DCS Defenders Robotics #15815

Freight Frenzy

Meet Our Bot
Name Rocky
Drivetrain four wheel mecanum powered by four NeveRest Classic 40 motors
Extension linear slide with string pulley system, powered by a REV Core Hex motor
Tilt gear-driven single axis rotation, powered by a REV Core Hex motor
Grabber two-part servo-actuated claw with metal and rubber band supplemented fingers
Spinner vertically-mounted single-axis wheel, powered by a REV Core Hex motor
Our Season
Kentwood Qualifier
  • First competition after COVID break
  • Placed 21st after the qualification rounds
  • Because of COVID, no one on the team had ever been to a competition before
Meet the Game

2021-2022 Season

This video gives an overview of how the season's game is played.
This document is a quick summary of how the game is played and, more importantly, a summary of how points can be scored.
Game Manual, Part 1 (traditional events)
The first part of the game manual covers general topics of how FTC competitions are run.
Game Manual, Part 2 (traditional events)
The second part of the game manual covers the specifics of the Freight Frenzy game, and is the authoritative source for rules.
This board is considered the official place to get answers to questions about the rules, gameplay, or strategy.
This document describes the criteria for the different awards that an FTC team can win throughout the season.
This page is the definitive place to find information or resources for this year's game.
Meet the Team
Photo of the DCS Robotics team at the Kentwood qualifier on November 6, 2021.

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