DCS Defenders Robotics #15815

Mechanical Team

CenterStage Specific

From a conversation with John Collins, a Guinness World Record Holder for paper airplane design.
A new resource from FTC elaborating on the rules for what makes a legal CenterStage drone, along with examples of allowed and prohibited designs.

FTC Hardware

Instructions for how to run more than four motors from a single Control or Expansion Hub using a REV Spark Mini. Westside Robotics have a number of other tutorials available as GitHub repository wikis.
The information on this site is not very current, but it does provide some insight into different parts of the hardware system.
This document from REV identifies the actual gear ratios for ultraplanetary gear cartridges. The naming of each type of cartridge is based on a nominal ratio, and using the exact ratio may be important for things like calculating distance based on motor encoders.


An amazing presentation from "The Antidote", team 14320, that explains everything you could ever want to know about motors and servos.
A presentation from "The Bionic Tigers", team 10464, that explains different types of control and manipulation mechanisms.
This brief video from REV Robotics shows how to program their Smart Robot Servo—including setting limits and switching to continuous rotation mode.
A presentation from "Quantum Stingers", team 13380, that discusses different ways to build mechanisms the expand linearly, both horizontally and vertically.
A presentation from "The Antidote", team 14320, that outlines the different ways that gears, sprockets, chains, belts, and more can be used to transfer motion across a robot.
A presentation from "The Bionic Tigers", team 10464, that discusses the different types of robot drivetrains that commonly appear in FTC robots.

Motion Control

RoadRunner is a motion planning library that can be used for precision navigation.
Information about building "dead wheel" odometry pods for more precise motion control.

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