DCS Defenders Robotics #15815

Team Outreach

Giving Back

We still remember our rookie season. None of us knew anything about robotics. Even the coaches! Our robot worked—except for when we forgot to turn it on, or when we flipped over on our side. But each year we've learned important lessons and we've grown.

DCS robotics is dedicated to sharing that knowledge with other teams who are just starting on their robotics journey, such as through pre-season scrimmage matches. Over the coming years we hope to help contribute to a vibrant robotics community in the southern Grand Rapids area.

Building the Future

Even in 2022, competitive robotics doesn't have the visibility of traditional school activities, such as sports or fine arts. Since the team's beginning, DCS Robotics has worked to build awareness and excitement among the school's younger grades—our future teammates.

So far we've held family robotics open houses, demonstrations for younger grades, made appearances during halftime at school basketball games. We've even marched in parades. And if all goes well, we may be holding our first summer robotics camp!

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